Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life as of late

Grad school- just a few days until it is done! I have been very proud of myself because I kept up with ALL of my work, have not procrastinated, and actually got a lot of work done well ahead of time! Unfortunately, I should have procrastinated this time because one of my professors actually decided to get rid of a major assignment because too many people looked "tired" and "overwhelmed." Guess who actually had already finished hers? That's right- this girl right here. TIme management people- it goes a long way.

Job Interview- it went really well yesterday! It was very low key and more like a conversation with several of the faculty members, but I think I liked this method better than the traditional type of interview. I have some things that I have to think about, but I should hear in a few days whether I got the job or not.

Running- I met my goal last week of four days. I will have to run today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to meet it this week, but I think that it is do-able!

Weekend- This weekend I am going to my grandparent's 50th anniversary celebration and I am so excited about it! We are traveling to Greensboro. Friday my sisters and I are going shopping, Saturday is the vow renewal and celebration, and we will come home on Sunday. It will be a short trip but I am looking forward to the time away! The only down side to this is that I have to leave my precious Meredith for the weekend but I am leaving her with a family who will take very good care of her and who have a few dogs to keep her occupied!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

So I have gotten on a semi-regular running pattern again and it's about time! I decided that during these hot summer months I would probably do short runs, a mile or so in length, and work on speed more than anything. I of course will have some longer runs, but in general I am thinking this is a good way to go. When the fall months get here, that is when I will focus more on distance to get to the 10k on October 15th. The other day I posted about how abysmal my running time was for the mile, and now that I am hyper aware of that abysmal time, I was able to cut off three minutes so it is in the not quite as embarrassing range. Yes, that is how bad it was that I can cut off three minutes and still not really want to own my number right now....

Today's run was HOT and HUMID and WINDY! It is supposed to rain later today so the air was very heavy and I had to work a lot harder to get my run in. Even though I dont feel like I am any smaller since starting to run again, I do feel like things are starting to tighten up and that is always a good thing in my book :)

A week and a half until grad school is over! I am down to mostly big projects to do. I will have a final in each class and I have a research paper/presentation and a case study for one class, and a presentation for the other! I can't believe grad school is almost over. On one hand, this has felt like the longest year of my life and it felt like it would never end. On the other hand, looking back, it doesn't seem like it has been that long at all.

I am in the process of looking for a place of my own for the fall. I think it is time for me to move on, be more independent, and just live my life!

I got a job interview! I am super stoked! It is Wednesday so I will keep you updated!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Life...

Summer school has taken over my life. Only two weeks left until complete freedom! Those two weeks, however, are going to be killer. I made myself a nice (long) list of all of the stuff I had to do between now and the END of grad school and it's not looking pretty folks. (and by stuff I mean reading, reflections, papers, quizzes, projects, tests, etc etc etc). I can do anything for two weeks right?!

The last few days I have been running a mile with out stopping. I should have never quit running after my 5k in October but I couldnt stand the thought of running in the cold- I wasn't that hardcore yet but I can't stop again this winter! So I am slowly building my stamina back up and I am hoping for a 10k in October (the same race as last year, just longer). My mile time is pretty abismal though, so abismal that I won't admit it right now. Maybe when I get to my ideal time (I think 8 min/mile is a pretty decent goal for a girl who has never been a runner?!) I will shamelessly admit what I am at now (don't worry, I won't forget this number).

I am contemplating joining WW. My sister joined about a month ago and has been seeing some fabulous results. I am hoping that I could get some similar results and have an accountability partner at the same time?!

I got a summer job at this restaurant, and I like it. I am liking the money coming in after almost a year of not having a job. Hallelujah income!

In honor of summer, I have a few goals:
* Run at least 4 x a week for the remainder of the summer (if not more)
* Create something- I haven't crafted in so long and I miss it!
* Read at least 5 new books off of my list
* Find a job
* Pay off hospital bills from surgery
and most importantly....

* Enjoy myself- it will be the first time that school is not in my immediate future and I feel like I need to take chances, enjoy my life a little, do something outside of my comfort zone!