Friday, May 28, 2010

Bedding Inspirations

Below are pictures that I have found of bedding that I loveeeeeee..... My bed will be a queen size now, so I need something bigger than the bedding that I have been using.

This bedding is out of my price range, but I still like it!

I dont normally go for blue tones, but I like the way this blue compliments my favorite green color.

This one is very simple, yet I like it. I am not so sure that I want to go sooo white, but the pink and green go well together.

If I wanted to go a little more "mature" then this would be the bedding I would choose. I do like the color scheme of this one a lot and the price is definitely right.

If I chose this bedding, I definitely wouldnt choose to have the matching curtains because I think that the curtains are just waaaaay too much with the bedding, but the bedding is nice nonetheless :)

This citrus colored bedding is my favorite of all the beddings by far. I love the youthfulness of the pattern and the bright colors.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few vanity table re-vamp ideas

I love the simplicity of this first one. I would love to add a curtain to the underside of mine to hide storage bins and such. I also LOVE the chair on this one and would like to find something similar for my vanity table because the current stool really should not be sat on by anyone over the age of 5.

This one is more along the actual size of the vanity table that I have and I love the simple detailing in the paint.

And finally, I LOVE the layered mirrors on this one. While it is aesthetically pleasing, I am not so sure how functional it actually is because I would not like looking at my face in three different mirrors.

Headboard ideas

Ok, so even though I havent actually SEEN the headboard for the bed that was offered to me, I still have enjoyed looking at ideas on how to jazz it up. Some of these are totally the opposite of jazzing (in the sense that they are completely different and therefore could not jazz up), but still fun and inspirational nonetheless!

I love the stencil on this one, I think that it is a great idea for jazzing up a plain headboard!
If I didnt have a headboard, I would definitely do something like this above my bed. My only fear would be knocking the picture frames askew with my pillows. Regardless, this would be a good idea for a wall decoration anywhere.

Even though I lean towards brighter colors, I love the color scheme in this one. I also love all the different patterns and how they work together even though they are all so different.

This headboard seems very whimsical to me, and something unique. I would love to do something like this one day to add just a touch of rustic to my room.

I just thought that this one was really inventive :)

I have always been a huge fan of these screens. I just want one. Period.

The last one I think is almost a definite idea because I love the curtained/canopied look. FUN! I am also a huge fan of this color scheme.

My very own place

Ok, so I am on the hunt! Now that I am officially accepted to grad school, I have the obstacle of where to live while attending my MAT program. I have narrowed down the list of countless apartment complexes in Greenville to a select 9 that I will go and look at on Saturday in an attempt to decide which place to live.

With that being said, this will be my very first all on my own place. No roommates, just me and my dog. I am very excited and have been bitten by the design bug and I can't wait to start designing my own place! Expect many posts in the coming days/weeks while I hash out my design ideas as I begin pulling together things that I will use to make whatever space I move into my very own.

I think what started all of this off was my Aunt and I talking about furnishings for my apartment. The apartment complexes that I am looking at are unfurnished and therefore, Hilary needs furniture.

So far, in my possession I currently have:
* canvas drawer set
* 2 mini bookshelves
* a black lounge chair
* a hope chest
* a vanity table
* a tv stand for the bedroom

and I can get an old table and chairs that my family used as I grew up for the dining room

My aunt has offered up
* a coffee table
* a table my grandpa used as HE was growing up (for a desk)
* a shelving unit to go on top of the table for organization for my desk

My grandparents are going to let me use
* a wingback chair my grandma bought and then decided against putting work into it
* my great-grandmother's old bed

While it all will be mis-matched, I am sure it will all pull together in the end. I am currently putting together a list of things I will still need. Subsequent design posts to follow!!!!!

My sweet puppy

Look how sweet she is :)
This is what I woke up to on Wednesday morning....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's official!!!!!!

I am officially an ECU graduate student! Masters in the Art of Teaching Program, here I come!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

So I have found it!

I have finally decided what SLR camera that I want. After a looooot of research, and a looooot of drooling over different cameras, I have settled on the Nikon D5000 for my SLR purchase. It has 12.3 megapixles, takes amazing pictures, has live view, continuous shooting capability, and so much more. Best Buy has some awesome package deals on this camera and I want it incredibly bad!

One of my FAVORITE things about this camera is the LCD screen that flips down and around if you need it to. Mega cool.

For more about the Nikon D5000, see here!
For awhile, I will continue to drool but I think I am taking the plunge soon. Very soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

{in no particular order...}

8 TV Shows I watch:
1. Gilmore Girls re-runs
2. Friends re-runs
Life Unexpected
4. Glee
5. Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
7. Say Yes to the Dress
8. ?

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
2. Home
3. Grandma's
4. Olive Garden
5. any Japanese steakhouse
6. Mexican Restaurants
7. Italian Resturants
8. Sushi Blues

8 Things I look forward to:
1. getting the acceptance notification from ECU's MAT program
2. a time where I know what is going on in my life
3. me time
4. mere bear play
5. bed time

8 Things that happened to me yesterday:
1. I worked almost all day
2. I re-vamped my blog
3. I set up cookies and lemonade reception for the CM programs
4. I went shopping
5. I got paid
6. I went to a bachelorette party for Katy
7. I went out with the girls
8. I played with my dog

8 Things I am Passionate about:
1. Photography
2. Education
3. books
4. knowledge

8 Words or Phrases I use a lot :
1. Meredith No!
2. It happens

8 Things I Have Learned From The Past:

8 Places I Would Like To See/Visit:
1. More of England
2. Ireland
3. Spain
4. Italy
5. Africa
6. A tropical Island
7. The northern route across the United States
8. Hawaii

8 Things I Need/Want:
1. A super awesome digital camera
2. A newer computer
3. An updated wardrobe
4. A trip to some place awesome
5. Money
6. A place of my own/furnishings for said place
7. Sleep
8. A super comfy bed

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog overhaul....

I decided to be productive while I was at work today and re-vamp the blog a little. When I first started this thingymajig, I just knew that I wanted to blog. I hadnt really put any thought into a name, theme, or anything like that and I just went at it! The other day I decided that my blog needed to be re-vamped with a sort of interesting title (Daily Musings... really? In all honesty, this isnt a DAILY blog and I can be more creative than that!) and then of course a layout that would re-enforce that title. I am still a little iffy on the layout right now and am still playing around with it, but overall, I think this is much improved.

A note on the title: my favorite flower is the daisy :) I am trying to be optimistic about life and therefore needed an optimistic title.... enjoy!

Update on a mundane life...

This last week or so has been pretty low-key, with not a whole lot to actually report. Who knew that this would be what life post-grad would be? I feel like I am in a complete stand-still at the moment because I have no definite plans and it is about to drive me insane! I didn't want to put too much effort into a job search because I have no idea where I will be or what my schedule will look like a month from now! I still have yet to hear from the MAT program at ECU. I know that the woman in charge of my application is in fact back in the office, but she was gone for two weeks and is probably playing a lot of catch-up right about now. I have decided if I don't hear something by next Tuesday (a week of her being back in the office), then I will call or email her. I feel like my whole life is in limbo right now, and that is not a very good feeling.

On the bright side, I have had a lot of time to relax and do what I want! I have watched the boys for my Aunt a couple of times, settled into my room at my grandparent's, hung out with Travis a few times, spent some time with the family, and spent a lot of time playing with my sweet Meredith. I am a little concerned about her right now because she seems to be losing an awful lot of fur (which I know is typical in the summer time) and getting all sorts of balding spots on her chest, behind her ears, on her sides, and on her hindquarters. I think she is stressed out with all of the changes in her life (spaying, moving, indoor dog to mostly outdoor dog, etc) but I don't know how to help her :( I am just trying to give her lots of love and attention to help soothe her a bit and hope for the best. If it doesn't get better soon, I will probably bring her to the vet.

All in all, that is about it. I can't really move forward with my life until I figure this grad school stuff out, and I am not one to really enjoy the whole not-knowing aspect of life. I like to have a plan. I hope that things work out for this program, but if not... let the big-girl job search commence!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's all over now...

So that is it.... it is done and over.

My life as a Meredith College student is over and I am struck with this overwhelming sense of fear and discomfort. When I drove home from Raleigh on Wednesday night, it hit me right around Goldsboro that I wouldn't be making the return trip to in a few days. I have moved home for now and I love the prospect of being close to family again, but I am not loving the prospect of being this area for an undetermined amount of time. Last night I went out for awhile and saw some people that I went to high school with and on my way into Beaufort, I again was hit with an overwhelming feeling of "I can't do this." I think I would have an easier time dealing with all of this if I had a definite plan of action, but I don't as of right now. There are so many things left up in the air and hanging out there that it makes me very uneasy because I am very much a planner, I like to know what is next and right now, I have no idea.

But on the bright side, here are some sweet pictures of commencement :)
(Even though I uploaded the pictures in the right order, blogger uploader totally messed them up.... c'est la vie~)

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's getting a little too real

In approximately 39 hours, I will be a college graduate. I cannot believe how fast four years have flown by. I dont think I have really had the moment when I realize that it is all ending. Up until Tuesday at 12:00, I was holding my breath to make sure that all grades were in fact in (and passing) and that I was in fact eligible for graduation. These past couple of days I have been taking it EXTREMELY easy and just relaxing by the pool, but mostly spending time in my bed because I have been severely sleep deprived.

Today I spent a few minutes with Mrs. Sharon, my scholarship donor. This woman is so incredibly supportive and completely generous. She overwhelms me sometimes with her kindness and heart. Without her, I wouldnt have been able to have my Meredith education and I owe this all to her. I just hope that one day I can do something with my life and make her proud of giving me the opportunity to go to Meredith. She has truly been a blessing.

This afternoon we had our graduation practice. It was hot and miserable and I couldnt believe how many people are actually graduating in my class. I always have thought of Meredith as a small school, and compared to most "regular" schools, it is. We have about 460 people graduating with my class on Sunday morning.

My apartment is mostly packed up and most of my stuff will be shipped out with my family after the ceremony on Sunday morning. Meredith is going to go ahead and go home with my grandparents so that I can have the chance to really clean up the apartment before our subleasers move in. It doesnt feel like I will be all moved out and at home in about five days. This is all too real.

I still havent heard from ECU's graduate school yet, but I feel fairly confident that I will in fact get in, at least I hope I do. Well, I suppose I should pack some more of my stuff! I'll be back after my ring is turned. (A Meredith tradition that you turn your class ring so the seal faces out when you become an alumnae.)