Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's all over now...

So that is it.... it is done and over.

My life as a Meredith College student is over and I am struck with this overwhelming sense of fear and discomfort. When I drove home from Raleigh on Wednesday night, it hit me right around Goldsboro that I wouldn't be making the return trip to in a few days. I have moved home for now and I love the prospect of being close to family again, but I am not loving the prospect of being this area for an undetermined amount of time. Last night I went out for awhile and saw some people that I went to high school with and on my way into Beaufort, I again was hit with an overwhelming feeling of "I can't do this." I think I would have an easier time dealing with all of this if I had a definite plan of action, but I don't as of right now. There are so many things left up in the air and hanging out there that it makes me very uneasy because I am very much a planner, I like to know what is next and right now, I have no idea.

But on the bright side, here are some sweet pictures of commencement :)
(Even though I uploaded the pictures in the right order, blogger uploader totally messed them up.... c'est la vie~)

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