Thursday, May 27, 2010

My very own place

Ok, so I am on the hunt! Now that I am officially accepted to grad school, I have the obstacle of where to live while attending my MAT program. I have narrowed down the list of countless apartment complexes in Greenville to a select 9 that I will go and look at on Saturday in an attempt to decide which place to live.

With that being said, this will be my very first all on my own place. No roommates, just me and my dog. I am very excited and have been bitten by the design bug and I can't wait to start designing my own place! Expect many posts in the coming days/weeks while I hash out my design ideas as I begin pulling together things that I will use to make whatever space I move into my very own.

I think what started all of this off was my Aunt and I talking about furnishings for my apartment. The apartment complexes that I am looking at are unfurnished and therefore, Hilary needs furniture.

So far, in my possession I currently have:
* canvas drawer set
* 2 mini bookshelves
* a black lounge chair
* a hope chest
* a vanity table
* a tv stand for the bedroom

and I can get an old table and chairs that my family used as I grew up for the dining room

My aunt has offered up
* a coffee table
* a table my grandpa used as HE was growing up (for a desk)
* a shelving unit to go on top of the table for organization for my desk

My grandparents are going to let me use
* a wingback chair my grandma bought and then decided against putting work into it
* my great-grandmother's old bed

While it all will be mis-matched, I am sure it will all pull together in the end. I am currently putting together a list of things I will still need. Subsequent design posts to follow!!!!!

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