Friday, May 7, 2010

It's getting a little too real

In approximately 39 hours, I will be a college graduate. I cannot believe how fast four years have flown by. I dont think I have really had the moment when I realize that it is all ending. Up until Tuesday at 12:00, I was holding my breath to make sure that all grades were in fact in (and passing) and that I was in fact eligible for graduation. These past couple of days I have been taking it EXTREMELY easy and just relaxing by the pool, but mostly spending time in my bed because I have been severely sleep deprived.

Today I spent a few minutes with Mrs. Sharon, my scholarship donor. This woman is so incredibly supportive and completely generous. She overwhelms me sometimes with her kindness and heart. Without her, I wouldnt have been able to have my Meredith education and I owe this all to her. I just hope that one day I can do something with my life and make her proud of giving me the opportunity to go to Meredith. She has truly been a blessing.

This afternoon we had our graduation practice. It was hot and miserable and I couldnt believe how many people are actually graduating in my class. I always have thought of Meredith as a small school, and compared to most "regular" schools, it is. We have about 460 people graduating with my class on Sunday morning.

My apartment is mostly packed up and most of my stuff will be shipped out with my family after the ceremony on Sunday morning. Meredith is going to go ahead and go home with my grandparents so that I can have the chance to really clean up the apartment before our subleasers move in. It doesnt feel like I will be all moved out and at home in about five days. This is all too real.

I still havent heard from ECU's graduate school yet, but I feel fairly confident that I will in fact get in, at least I hope I do. Well, I suppose I should pack some more of my stuff! I'll be back after my ring is turned. (A Meredith tradition that you turn your class ring so the seal faces out when you become an alumnae.)

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