Friday, December 24, 2010

I havent been the faithful blogger

I know I promised more updates to this thing while over break and I have yet to actually follow through with that promise. I have had an extremely busy schedule for it being break and all. For about a week of the break, I was busy car shopping and battling a cold that was trying to come on- plus all the christmas celebrating/preparations and so forth.

I finally found a BEAUTIFUL new car on Monday. I am super stoked and super in love with it. Its an '01 Honda Civic and I love love love it. Have I mentioned I love it? There are a few minor things that I want/need to fix with it, but we got one heck of a deal on it. Since I dont have pictures of my new car yet, I figured I would share the pictures of my old car post deer incident!

The deer that ran into my car.
"The biggest deer I've ever seen in Eastern NC" according to the hunter who stopped to help me move my car.... so glad the deer managed to find MY car to jump into!

Passenger side where the deer hit my car.
Notice the deer feces remaining on my car.

Hood of the car.

Driver's side (just to show how far up the hood was bent because of the impact).

Overall, I guess if it had to happen I am glad it happened the way it did. I wasnt hurt (nor was anyone else other than the deer) and I got a sweet new ride out of the deal (even though I did have to go three weeks without one).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's done, over, finito!

Today I officially finished up the most challenging semester of my academic career. Five grad classes- wow! So far *crosses fingers* I have managed to maintain my 4.0 but I still have three classes to hear back from.

So now the question is, what in the world do I do with all of this time off? The first and most pressing priority for me is to shop for a new car. I was originally driving around my Grandpa's 20 year old truck, but that kicked the bucket while under my care. I swear I have the worst luck ever with vehicles. So the day that "old blue" died, they got a 2006 truck and I have been driving that. I must admit that I enjoy driving something that sits up high and makes me feel all powerful and whatnot, but I do not enjoy putting gas in that thing and I do not enjoy the massive blindspots that it has. So getting a car is top priority for me right now and tomorrow the hard-core search begins. I have a couple of options that I am looking at right now so hopefully something will come to fruition.

After the whole car shopping thing, I plan to do a lot of time at the gym. My family just got a membership at Snap Fitness and I LOVE it! I also plan to read for pleasure, catch up on my sleep, and veg out with some Gilmore Girls and Friends. I do want to do some planning for next semester and some job searching (or at least preparation for it) too. I have a month. A glorious month, but I am sure it will pass far too quickly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crazy Life

Life has been rather crazy lately. I dont even know where to begin to update things! School is wrapping up: I had my last class of the semester this week and I am currently working on getting my finals in order and sent off to the appropriate professors. So far I have completely finished with 2 of my five classes. Hopefully by the end of today I can say that I have finished with three, but by Tuesday of next week everything should be done and submitted. I have a (researched) short story to write for my Children's Lit class that has to be on some cultural custom, I have a writing portfolio, and a unit plan due. I have most of my unit plan done, but I have to put finishing touches on it and make some of the worksheets, etc and then upload it all to my wikispace (more about that later). I have 2/3 of my writing portfolio pieces finished (I think), so I need to edit the last piece and make my letter to the reader for that final. And for my short story, well I have researched. I have researched, but I havent read any of that research and I havent even begun to write the story so this final will be my most time consuming, and the one that is due first of course!

Meredith is doing great. She is completely spoiled, but I am ok with that. I bought her a cute doggy coat for cold/rainy weather for Christmas from Land's End. I also want to get her a big rawhide and some new treats and a toy or something. Yes, I know, I know. I still have several people to shop for, but I cant even begin to think about that until finals are over. I also have Christmas cards to write, and I think I want to send out a picture of me with Mere Bear, but that will have to wait too. I need to update some of the people who helped me through Meredith and into this MAT program on my life, but again, it will have to wait.

My birthday is coming up. The big 22. woo. I cant wait.

Last week, I hit a deer with my car. My poor car is totaled. The poor deer is dead. I will upload pics of that at a later date.

So basically, thats my life in a nutshell at this point in time. I am busy currently car shopping and working on finishing up my finals. I have some babysitting jobs lined up for December- yay money. I also have some projects in mind for the break so I am sure I will update more often over my time off with what I am doing. I also plan on reading a lot of books because I miss reading for the joy of reading- so expect some book reviews! As for now, it's back to the grind!