Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's done, over, finito!

Today I officially finished up the most challenging semester of my academic career. Five grad classes- wow! So far *crosses fingers* I have managed to maintain my 4.0 but I still have three classes to hear back from.

So now the question is, what in the world do I do with all of this time off? The first and most pressing priority for me is to shop for a new car. I was originally driving around my Grandpa's 20 year old truck, but that kicked the bucket while under my care. I swear I have the worst luck ever with vehicles. So the day that "old blue" died, they got a 2006 truck and I have been driving that. I must admit that I enjoy driving something that sits up high and makes me feel all powerful and whatnot, but I do not enjoy putting gas in that thing and I do not enjoy the massive blindspots that it has. So getting a car is top priority for me right now and tomorrow the hard-core search begins. I have a couple of options that I am looking at right now so hopefully something will come to fruition.

After the whole car shopping thing, I plan to do a lot of time at the gym. My family just got a membership at Snap Fitness and I LOVE it! I also plan to read for pleasure, catch up on my sleep, and veg out with some Gilmore Girls and Friends. I do want to do some planning for next semester and some job searching (or at least preparation for it) too. I have a month. A glorious month, but I am sure it will pass far too quickly.

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