Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher Talk Thursday

I am linking up with Snyder Stories this week in the "Teacher Talk Thursday." I was so excited to see this link up start up last week, but I dont have a classroom of my own quite yet so I had no awesome organizational tips to share. This week, the theme is "Show and Tell" and THIS I can do :) My Show and Tell is geared more towards high school because, well, thats what I teach, but I can still play along!

Last year, I was working with 10th graders. In North Carolina, 10th grade is the year that students focus on writing because they have a standardized writing test at the end of the year. I let my 10th graders watch "The Freedom Writers" and read them a few excerpts from the actual book to inspire them to get creative with their writing. As an extension to the movie, I gave them an outline of a person. On the outside of the person, the students were to write 5 prejudices/outside forces that could negatively affect their lives. On the inside of the person, the students were to write 7 things that they LOVED about who they were. Some of them turned out great!

This one isn't much in the way of color per-se, but the student obviously put a lot of thought into the assignment!

I'm looking forward to other people's show and tell. Even though most of the participants are elementary school teachers, I still got some great ideas last week!

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    I am so glad you played along.
    I love peeking into other rooms- no matter the grade level.