Monday, February 7, 2011

I HEART accessories swap

I received my I HEART accessories swap package from the lovely Dana over at Enjoy Yourself on Wednesday and I was THRILLED to see the contents. It's like Dana knew my taste and knew what to get for me. Since it is late and I have had a VERY long day today, I will post the pictures I took of the items, but I wont do any editing to the pics. I also dont have any pics of me wearing the accessories, but trust me I have! I wore the bracelets several times last week and the necklace went so perfectly with my outfit today!

My first item is a lovely set of three bracelets that can be worn together or separated. They have these adorable brushed metal flowers on them and I have gotten so many compliments on them!

And the next thing was this cute necklace! I love the colors in the necklace and they really made my outfit *pop* today.

I seriously need to start taking pictures of some of my outfits. I am doing SO much better at creating fun outfits and using more pieces in my closet now that I am planning out my outfits ahead of time on Sunday (like I plan Monday through Friday on Sunday night) instead of waiting until the last minute in the morning. I think I look more professional and put together too... bonus!

Ok I will catch up more tomorrow, but for now- SLEEP!


  1. Cute items!! Thanks for swapping!! :)

  2. yay! i loved doing this swap! thanks again for all the great things you sent me. :)

  3. You guys got some great accessories! I just popped over from D's blog!

  4. that swap thing is so cool! fun! love what you got!