Friday, December 24, 2010

I havent been the faithful blogger

I know I promised more updates to this thing while over break and I have yet to actually follow through with that promise. I have had an extremely busy schedule for it being break and all. For about a week of the break, I was busy car shopping and battling a cold that was trying to come on- plus all the christmas celebrating/preparations and so forth.

I finally found a BEAUTIFUL new car on Monday. I am super stoked and super in love with it. Its an '01 Honda Civic and I love love love it. Have I mentioned I love it? There are a few minor things that I want/need to fix with it, but we got one heck of a deal on it. Since I dont have pictures of my new car yet, I figured I would share the pictures of my old car post deer incident!

The deer that ran into my car.
"The biggest deer I've ever seen in Eastern NC" according to the hunter who stopped to help me move my car.... so glad the deer managed to find MY car to jump into!

Passenger side where the deer hit my car.
Notice the deer feces remaining on my car.

Hood of the car.

Driver's side (just to show how far up the hood was bent because of the impact).

Overall, I guess if it had to happen I am glad it happened the way it did. I wasnt hurt (nor was anyone else other than the deer) and I got a sweet new ride out of the deal (even though I did have to go three weeks without one).

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