Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog overhaul....

I decided to be productive while I was at work today and re-vamp the blog a little. When I first started this thingymajig, I just knew that I wanted to blog. I hadnt really put any thought into a name, theme, or anything like that and I just went at it! The other day I decided that my blog needed to be re-vamped with a sort of interesting title (Daily Musings... really? In all honesty, this isnt a DAILY blog and I can be more creative than that!) and then of course a layout that would re-enforce that title. I am still a little iffy on the layout right now and am still playing around with it, but overall, I think this is much improved.

A note on the title: my favorite flower is the daisy :) I am trying to be optimistic about life and therefore needed an optimistic title.... enjoy!

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