Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Battle of the Thesis

So over the past week, I have been severely battling my thesis. I was struggling to get my full draft written (it had to be 25 pages) and I had set a deadline of Friday at 11:00 I wanted to turn it in. I ended up having my full draft done a day early and turned it in on Thursday. Score: Hilary-1, Thesis-0. Later that day, I was smugly re-reading my thesis and thinking about how awesome it was, much to my horror I realized that one of my sections had been inadvertently left incomplete! Score: Hilary-1, Thesis-1. I was still able to get that section written and turned in by the original deadline, which was good. After turning in the full thesis, I get a not-so-pleasant email from my thesis advisor basically telling me my thesis was a piece of crap, had no original thought in it, and the like. Score: Hilary-1, Thesis-2. I cleared my schedule for the weekend and set out to re-write it. I managed to hit all of my thesis advisor's points and give her 14 re-written pages on Saturday. I hadn't received notes on about 10 pages of it, so I didn't want to touch those and felt pretty good about myself. Score: Hilary-2, Thesis-2. I got an email back from my thesis advisor today and her comments were more manageable and less "your paper sucks" and I think I may be able to actually finish this thing and come out in the end with a pretty huge accomplishment under my belt. Score: Hilary-3, Thesis-2. Hopefully things wont take a turn for the worse, because I am liking being in the lead right now!

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