Monday, April 19, 2010

A pared down list....

So this weekend has been quite productive weekend. I worked on Friday night, afternoon, and Sunday morning. I did homework on Friday afternoon and night, Saturday morning and nights, and Sunday afternoon and night. My list has gone from a huge, daunting, nebulous thing to:
* a 5-7 page myth paper on Pandora
* a 5-7 page paper on population (in conjunction with another girl)
* a 5-7 page paper for Modern Drama (I'm thinking on How I Learned to Drive and maybe one other?)
* a 5-7 page paper for Core (group has already done the research, I just have to finish it
* Reading The House of the Spirits (I am about 1/4 of the way through)
* The rest of my thesis (I have about 20 pages/25)
* 2 finals (bio 105 and bio 205).

That is all that is left of my undergrad career! While all of those 5-7 page papers look daunting, never fear because I am an English major and writing papers is my specialty! I have two weeks to produce 25 pages, on 5 different categories... I CAN DO IT! I think I will actually enjoy writing the modern drama one, and maybe even the Pandora one if I can ever get into it. I am just having a hard time actually getting into it because it is very overwhelming at the moment. I will not enjoy completing my thesis. If I were in a comic right now, it would be my arch enemy.

Well, off to knock some of that Pandora paper out!

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