Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catch up!

Ok so here were my goals to do before work and the current standing of these goals:
* Catch up on my project 52.
--- fail. I am currently about 20 weeks behind on project 52. I really hope to catch up! Next year, I hope to actually do project 52 keeping in mind the true intention of the project.
* Get things together for my new apartment.
-- slowly but surely. I don't have everything together, but I have time to get that done. I also haven't started on my table project even though it has been sitting in my garage for about two weeks. I will get there.
* Do a deep clean and organize of my current room.
--- fail but may very well happen this afternoon as I am cleaning the rest of the house in anticipation of my grandparents' homecoming.
* Go to the beach
-- success! I did manage to go to the beach before school started. The water was way too rough for my liking and I could only manage to stay in for about 15 minutes, but the beach itself was wonderful.
* Do something fun and spontaneous.
-- success!

So 2.5/5, such a disappointment. Come back later for an update on the job!

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