Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Day(s) of School!

So this past week has been quite the overwhelming week! I had three teacher workdays and two days of teaching this week. The workdays were fine and I was able to be productive, but I got very overwhelmed on Monday when they were going over all of the policies, procedures, special circumstances, etc and I thought to myself "How in the world am I going to remember all of this stuff?" Being a teacher is a COMPLICATED job! Tuesday I worked on things for my classes during the workday and then we had orientation. I was able to meet several of my students and their parents and it was really nice, but scary being the peson at the front of the room! Apparently, I was successful though because I had several students go back to the administrative assistant and tell her that they liked me- sweet. Wednesday I spent most of the day in my classroom moving things around and getting it situated. It technically isn't *my* classroom because it is on the community college's campus and it will be used for night classes, but I was able to set up a desk area and arrange the tables so that I could move around a little easier. There are still things that I would like to do to it, but that can come later.

Thursday was a great day. It was a little complicated with the confusion of the first day of school and all, but I really got a good impression of my classes and I think it is going to be a great year. I have a wonderful group of students who are so dynamic and diverse and I can't wait to really get to know them. I hadn't planned quite enough stuff to do on the first day, and part of my plans were messed up because the students don't have their laptops yet (which I thought that they did), but I had planned for several days and just stole plans from Friday. Good lesson already learned! Fridays will be crazy days because they are half days every.single.friday. and the fact that my students come to me at a different time on Fridays then they do the rest of the week. I think I can make the craziness work by having independent work time on Fridays or student conferences or something- we'll see how it goes.

To make this job even crazier, I had to make sub plans for three days (Mon-Wed of this week) because I have county meetings to go to. I had my plans all set, but they were messed up due to the students not having their laptops. Oh the joys of the inconsistencies of teaching!!!!

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