Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ponderings on relationships.

Wow, I fail at all of the goals I had set to do before school got back in session. Life just has a way of getting away from me and then I look back and think "where in the world has the time gone?!" In some senses, I also feel like time has a way of slowly ticking by and some things that realistically haven't been a part of your life for very long feel like they have been a part of you forever. Relationships have a way of falling into this later category; you start spending time with someone and feel like you know the person because you spend so much time together. Suddenly, everything starts to remind you of that person- the way someone else says something exactly the way that this person would, the the dance music at the club you are at, shows that you have watched together on tv, movies that you have seen or referenced, silly conversations that you have had, and so on. When you look back, you realize that in the realistic sense, you have not known this person for that long, but you have internalized everything that has come from your time together. It makes me think about the amazing impact that humans have on each other and what that impact means. What am I doing with the impact that I am having on those around me? Am I building them up and making something positive out of our interactions? What happens when something happens to damage that relationship?

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