Thursday, October 7, 2010

Couch to 5k: Week 7, Day 3

Today's run was really hard and I can't say that I was exactly successful in completing today's schedule. There were a few times where I had to stop my timer on the app that I use to help me through my runs so that I could walk or stretch for a few seconds. I am not sure what the deal was today but I just wasnt into it, even though I needed to go out today. I have six more runs before I am a Couch to 5k graduate, SIX more! There are only 9 days till race day but I think in preparation for the race I will complete all six before, or at least five before and make the 6th one the run from the day of the program? I dont know, I guess we'll see!

I have figured out that I really need to focus on hydrating my body more. I have never been a big hydrater (even though I really know that I should be), but now that I am physically active several times a week I definitely should be making more of a conscientious effort to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I think that is one of my main problems and why my legs are cramping up so much during my runs, and the cramping in my runs is causing the lead ball effect in my feet.... so basically I fix the hydration problem and I fix most of my issues with running!

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