Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running fiascos

I am currently on my fall break from classes at ECU and it has been pretty nice. I am getting some time to catch up on some of my homework. I was also able to score a sweet babysitting gig with one cute little kid for a few days so I have been living the life of luxury in a 1.5 million $ condo, spending the days looking after a cutie patootie and spending time in the sun. However, this whole being at the beach thing gave me the bright idea to try running on the beach, which I have come to find out is not my thing.

This ^^^^ is what I envisioned yesterday when I decided to go for a beach run. This ^^^ is not what I got.

I learned yesterday that beach running is hard, very very hard. It will kick your butt. I ended up with more sand in my shoes than what was left on the beach, which made the fact that I was running on sand an even more difficult task to accomplish because I am sure I was carrying around at least 20 extra pounds in sand. Sand was everywhere. I also learned that my sports bra with the zip up in front is also not a fan of the beach run. About 5 minutes in it totally came undone, and let me tell you... there is no graceful way to zip up your unzipped sports bra on the beach with people every little bit and no shelter.

On top of the 20 lbs of sand in my shoes and the fact that the ladies were now flapping in the wind, when I tried to get off the beach after having enough of this mess, I stuck my hand on something and started bleeding profusely. Not just a little bit, profusely. I was bleeding like a stuck pig. When I finally got it to stop, there was blood caked on my hand, on my shorts, some on my new previously pretty running shoes, and some all over the pavement between the beach and my car.

Needless to say, yesterday was not my day for running. I am actually really discouraged with the 5k only a mere 4 days away and I dont feel at all prepared. I have been missing my running consistency with all the rain, my crazy schedule, and so forth and now I still have technically two weeks of training that I should have done before the race but havent. The good thing is that today after I am done babysitting, I was told that I could use the gym here if I wanted so I am going to the gym and I WILL run 3.1 miles. I know that it is on a treadmill and therefore different than outside running, but I want to at least go that distance once and then I think I will be at least mentally prepared for Saturday. I will definitely be doing an outside run again towards the end of the week to readjust but I think it is gym life for me at least today and maybe tomorrow too.

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