Saturday, October 30, 2010

My first ever 5k

I ran my first ever 5k two weeks ago in New Bern (October 16, 2010). I ran the Neuse River Bridge Run and I loved it! I felt a little unprepared because I had not been able to complete my Couch to 5k program prior to the race, and my runs had become less consistent, but I think I did ok! My two goals for the day were: 1. Don't be last and 2. Keep it under 50 minutes and I succeeded with both goals! I know keeping it under 50 minutes sounds like a really pathetic goal seeing as a turtle could probably complete a 5k in 50 minutes, but I was just grateful that I had finished the race by the end of it. Since my training schedule had gotten off, I had never actually run more than just over two miles, which meant that I had only gone a little more than 2/3 the distance! I was proud of myself for finishing with a time of 43:10 and the next time I fully intend to beat that number!
Sunset view. Taken on the bridge that I ran over and the bridge that is shown to the right of this picture is one that the 10k and 1/2 marathon courses went over.

I am over on the left and I had just run over the bridge and was rounding my way back to start through the downtown portion of the course.

Me after the race. I was sweating all over even though it was only in the high 40s and I was thinking "That was the longest 3.1 miles I have ever seen!"

I need to get back out there and start running again but life has gotten so darn hectic lately that I am struggling to get through all of my schoolwork, plus dealing with family issues and so forth. I am going to try to make a grad school update within the next few days and another post dealing with all the other stuff going on, but that may take a few days!

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