Thursday, March 11, 2010

How did I get here?

Recently I have found myself in that stage of life where you look around and realize that all of your friends are engaged, married, are having kids, or already have kids. I look at my life and think "seriously? At my age? I am soooo not ready for this!" My best friend growing up got married about a year ago and is now expecting her first little one. My roommate and best friend is engaged and is getting married in June. Basically every girl that I graduated high school with is married and/or has kids.

I am quite content with my dog Meredith, whom I treat like my baby. Before having this dog, I never realized how distinct an animal's personality can be. Meredith is quite the entertainer. A few nights ago, she was literally doing tumbles in my living room. Seriously? What dog does that? She likes to take her toys out of her crate in the same general order and place them around the living room in the same general areas (yes, my dog has OCD). She won't drink out of her water bowl if it is less than 1/3 full. She makes some awfully strange noises. I have had her for a little over a month and I can't imagine my life without her at this point. My whole life has changed to center around her and her needs. I am very proud of my little girl who has recently learned to use a bell to tell me when she really needs to go outside. She did it both last night and today! I am quite the proud Mommy. However, like most Mommys, I have had to learn to let go a little. Today, I took Meredith for her first day at doggy day care. I worked this morning at job #1 and I am actually currently at job #2(out of the four that I have) and I just didn't have the heart to leave her in her crate for such a long day. Thankfully my vet offers a doggy day care for a really good deal and I don't think that I will need to use it very often, but I think today was good for her. It was weird going back to the apartment and getting ready without her stretched out at my bathroom doorway or underfoot when I tried to figure out what to bring for lunch. It was weird going home this afternoon between the two jobs and not seeing her cute little face.

For now, I think I am content with my dog and the rest can wait awhile :)

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