Friday, June 18, 2010


Major frustrations going on in my life.

1. Meeting with the TF commission yesterday. I think overall it went well. The meeting itself was an hour and a half later than it was supposed to be because the commission was running behind, thus an hour and a half longer for my nerves to be through the roof. I was told that I handled myself very well and I guess I will just wait to see what the outcome of it is. At points I did get frustrated with the questions that they were asking, but I do think that some of them were just generally interested in knowing the details of how we got to this point. Others, though, were interested in making me into a liar, and that I was NOT cool with.

2. My computer yesterday decided to die and then come back to life. Don't know what is going on with that, but let's just hope that it was a fluke of some sort and that the computer doesn't decide to poop out any time soon. I start classes in 6 days and I can't do that with a dead computer.

3. Babysitting last night- what an odd experience! The husband booked a babysitter without knowing the wife had already booked me through the agency that I work for. So there were two of us. I would have offered to leave but a) I needed the money, b) this was a two night gig and I didnt want to seem like I didnt want the job, and c) since I was working for an agency, I didnt know what that would mean if I were to just leave. Anywho it was fine, the other girl was pleasant and the kids were nice but at the end of the night there were some minor complications with the paying that I hope are all ironed out.

4. ECU's financial aid office. Seriously behind here. I am supposed to start classes in less than a week and I submitted my paperwork in MORE than enough time for it to be processed, but there was some hold up on their end which means that I will likely be dropped from my courses and I dont know what that means. I have to start this next summer session (next Thursday) or I will not be able to start until NEXT summer, and I can't wait that long. Oh the joys of dealing with college offices.

Fun stuff.

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