Friday, June 18, 2010

new collar

So Meredith Grace recently got a new collar. She officially broke her first one (which was a cheap dollar store collar that I got when I unexpectedly got her back in February) one day while she was tied out at my parents house. I bought her a new one that was quite a bit more hefty than the first one in hopes that it would last, but alas, the same thing happened when my sister was watching her while I was at Katy's wedding.

** just a side note, I really dont like to tie Meredith Grace up. At my parent's house, our house is really close to a very busy road and Meredith is unfamiliar with the area and is still very much a curious puppy. I have to respect my parent's wishes of not allowing her in the house and since there is no decent size dog kennel, she has to get tied up. If it were my decision, Meredith would be a basically indoor dog with the exception of exercising her and that is the way that it was at my apartment. At my Grandparent's house she is allowed inside if she stays in her crate or on her bed, but they have a kennel and a pretty secluded neighborhood that Meredith is getting more and more used to so I like to let her run loose some while we are here. (That was possibly TOO much information, but some people have very strong opinions about tying dogs to a stake or tree)

I wanted a collar that was both cute and functional because her last collar got so nasty looking so quickly. I wanted a fabric that would resist getting dirty to a certain degree (because let's face it, my dog likes to get down and dirty) but that would be washable as well. I ALSO needed something that was adjustable and could fit snug to her neck (she is an odd size and the standard store mediums are too small while the larges are too big for her). There have been a few occasions where Meredith's collar has come off right over her head and that is never a good feeling.

After thinking all of this through (who knew that there was so much thought put into a dog collar?), I decided to go custom. My Aunt has talked up an etsy shop called Lucky Fiona (found here) and I checked them out. They were running a special where I could buy one collar and get the second one for .50 cents so I decided to go for it! Without further ado, here is the photo collage I made of Meredith sporting her new collar to send to Lucky Fiona to show her how cute it was on Meredith!

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