Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Five

I have wanted to do this Thursday five thing for the past couple of weeks but couldn't think of five things, pathetic I know. So this week, I am happy to report that I can indeed come up with five things and therefore:

Happy Happy Thursday!!

Wanna play..all you have to do is post 5 things that have made you






Basically..just post 5 things that have made you happy..then go over to MannLand5 and link up :)

My Five

1. Katy is getting married this weekend. So exciting! Weekend trip to Winston-Salem to have a great time and celebrate something awesome for a friend

2. My new long-term goal of running a half marathon in the far-distant future.

3. This awesome salad that I had at a restaurant in Raleigh a few weeks ago and have been able to replicate.
* Spinach Lettuce
* Apple
* Pecans
* Dried Cranberries
* Blue cheese crumbles
* Raspberry walnut dressing....


4. Re-connecting with old friends.

5. The new phase in my life I am about to enter into in the near future: Grad school!

Your turn!

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