Monday, July 26, 2010

1st semester of grad school almost complete!

This weekend was full of homework and even fuller of avoiding homework :) I had to do a massive amounts of work on my unit and plan for my stimulated teaching today. Let's just say had I actually paced myself with this unit, it wouldn't have been so bad, but my procrastinating ways got the best of me (and I had been doing so well with the whole keeping myself ahead of the game thing). I had three lessons to do, two lessons to correct, a unit rationale to write, a pre-test, a post-test, worksheets, assignments, and so on and so forth... blah blah blah. I found myself often doing everything BUT working on my unit: going to the movies, cleaning, doing laundry, going for a run, lunch with my parents, orientation at AE, watching the boys, etc.

Even though I procrastinated a LOT this weekend, I did manage to successfully get my unit completed last night and then this morning I worked with a fury to make all of the copies needed for my stimulated teaching

For my stimulated teaching, I did a lesson on existentialism. I had my "students" do part of a webquest, then I did a prezi presentation (a pretty awesome one if I do say so myself), and then began The Stranger with them. At first I know I said waaaay too many "uh"s but I got the hang of it again eventually. I think overall it went well and I am REALLY glad that this semester is almost over. I just have a behavior project to do, some computer work, and two tests and I am DONE until August 24th. Summer break, here I come!

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