Monday, July 26, 2010

Couch to 5k- Week 1:Day 2

So I just completed day 2 of the couch to 5k day and I feel great! My "brisk" walks were a little brisk-ier and I could definitely tell that it was easier to get through those 60 second runs.

I did have the added challenge today of keeping two unleashed dogs (one of which was my own) from getting run over. Last run, Molly (the neighbor's dog) and Maggie (my Aunt's dog) followed me but they kept out of the road for the most part. Tonight, Meredith was out playing in the yard and I was hoping to sneak away unnoticed, and I failed miserably. When I was just far enough away from the house that it was too late to turn back, I hear her barking and running after me and with her came Molly. I am not too terribly fond of Molly, but I still don't want to see her get hurt. It was because of these two mischief makers that I inadvertently missed one of my running sections :( But I think I more than made up with it in my progress with the other running sections. In run 7 I really found my stride and was going at it pretty good :)

After my last run, my calf muscles have been pretty sore and I have a sore on my right side of my stomach, but I figure that they will work themselves out with time. I can already feel the pain in my calves returning. I should probably buy some muscle rub :)

Overall, I am proud of my progress and hope it continues!

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