Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The oh-so anticipated grad school update

So I know that I promised an update on grad school like weeks ago, but life has been so busy! I am commuting to Greenville 4-5 days a week (read 3ish hours every single day of commuting) and by the time I get home from school, I am just plain exhausted.

The classes themselves are going pretty well and I am keeping ahead of the game for the most part. I am still bitter about the fact that I have to take a computer competency course. Let's face it, I am the most computer literate person I know almost (with the exception of a few tech geeks of course). I am also taking "The Learner and the Learning Environment" aka... Educational Psychology which I have already taken as an undergrad at Meredith. We learned the same material and used the same textbook so for the most part, that class is a piece of cake. I have some issues related to that class, but I am just not going to go into those at this point.

My last class is "The Teacher and the Teaching Environment" aka... Teaching Methods and I am absolutely LOVING this class. Dr. Guidry is so dynamic and easy to listen to. I feel that I have already learned more from his class alone than I did in all of my teacher education that I did at Meredith and I was in their program my entire undergrad career! He is so purposeful in everything that he does and he truly wants to teach us to be effective educators. Currently for his class I am designing a mini-unit on The Stranger and I am pretty stoked about it.

Overall, I think that this program at ECU will prepare me better for being an educator. They are extremely honest with you about their expectations, and they don't seem to dance around things but rather come at them head-on.

Anyways, I will update more about my personal life hopefully within the next few days, but as for now, it's time for lunch!

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