Saturday, July 31, 2010

Couch to 5k- Week 2:Day 1

I just completed the Couch to 5k Week2, Day 1!

The weather was pretty much awesome for a run this morning. It was just under 80 degrees, not humid at all, and there was a cool breeze that felt WONDERFUL! Meredith joined me again this morning for my run and actually was quite helpful in keeping me moving.

I have been using the podcasts from Running Into Shape and I have to commend them for making this week's podcast. It picked me up with Gonna Make You Sweat (aka Everybody Dance Now) by CC Music Factory right when I needed it to. I have found a couple more podcasts that I may try out later in the week to have something to mix it up.

Today I didn't find it as hard to breathe during my running sessions as I did last week. Last week I was practically gasping for breath when my running sessions were over. I am glad that I am already seeing some progress and improvements!

One thing I am thinking about it potentially picking back up my 2-3 mile walks on the days that I am not running. I find myself wanting to go out and run on the days that I am not scheduled to do so but I am keeping myself from doing that right now. I don't want to do too much too fast. The walks in between may also help with the soreness in my calves... I hope :)

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