Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A bad blogger...

I admit it, I have been a bad blogger lately. Grad school started back up again last Tuesday and so I have been trying to get back into the school mentality. I am really uncertain as to how exactly this semester is going to play out. I have one teacher two nights a week, and so far I like him one night of the week and not so much the other night. Weird? Definitely. Well, not so much as one night I am in a class full of undergrads because it is an undergrad/grad class (really an undergrad class that is cross-referenced as a grad-level) and it is amazing to me the stark difference that I notice in undergrad vs grad students. I don't know if it is because I went to Meredith and people generally weren't this rude or what it is but it is so annoying! I was sitting in class last night and it was so obvious, people were texting, spacing out, and just generally being rude. However, on the other night that I have him, I am in a class of my 5 fellow English MAT-ers and one random person and it is much, MUCH better! The other class that I actually have to go into campus for I am going to wait one more week until I make my decision about it. I found it very hard to sit through on Monday night, but he said that class was going to be different for the rest of the semester, so we shall see!

Other than school, I have just been working with Meredith on staying in the yard. This will be quite a long process I can already tell. She does really well if I am outside with her and tell her to stop and come back, but if I am not there, she just takes off! I have admittedly been a bad runner and really, REALLY need to get back on track with this whole couch to 5k thing. I did take Meredith for a two mile walk today, but I need to get back to my running schedule!

More updates to come, I have homework I need to get done and should be working on that instead of blogging!

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