Thursday, January 6, 2011

11 in 2011: Best Organization Tips

I have a sick obssession where I LOVE to organize things, so this topic really caught my eye! My BEST organization tip, which sounds a little weird, is micro-manage!

For example, the books on my book shelf are divided into several categories:
- American Lit
- British Lit
- World Lit
- Contemporary Lit
- Children's Lit
- Teaching Books
- Teaching of English Books
- etc

Then, each shelf is alphabetized by author's last name. A bit obsessive? Maybe.

My files on my computer are also micro-managed, into folders, but even more micro-managed than my book shelves.

For example, I have one large "Teaching Materials" file. That file is then divided into the following folders: assessment, class beginnings, epics, grammar, lesson planning, lit activities, lit elements, miscellaneous, novels, plays, poetry, short stories, student resources, and writing. Each of those folders have folders inside of them (and some of those folders have even more folders inside of them) so that I can pinpoint my materials at a moment's notice.

This is pretty much my most valuable tip when it comes to organization, because it is the tip that I live by when I organize anything. All of my stuff is organized in this way!!!

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  1. I need you to organize the files on my computer!