Thursday, January 27, 2011

Currently Reading...

I have two books that I am working on- The Secret Life of Bees and Animal Farm. I am actually really surprised that I havent read animal farm yet with as much reading as I do, but I just have never picked it up! So far its been a pretty fast read. I started it at the gym yesterday when I was on the elliptical and went through the first part of it pretty quickly.

I am considering teaching The Secret Life of Bees to my 9th graders after they finish up their unit on Anthem, but I actually have to read it first before I make that decision :) I started this the other night before bed and didnt even get out of the first chapter because I was so tired that I fell asleep, but that is no indication of the worth of the book! I know that there is a movie based on this book, has anyone seen it? Is it any good?

Stay tuned for updates when I finish these books! I am also working on a post about other books that I have read lately, but it will be a few days before that one is up!

What are you reading lately?

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