Friday, January 7, 2011

More on the tonsillectomy

I thought that my tonsillectomy recovery was going to be a-typical. I read a LOT of horror stories prior to having this procedure done about how horrible the recovery was going to be, etc. The frist three days of my recovery were a breeze. Sure, my throat hurt a little and I was very tired due to the pain medications that I was on, but it wasnt unbearable. Yesterday, I was in some pain... and today, I am in even more pain. My scabs have started to come off, which is a good thing, it means that my throat is healing, but it hurts horribly bad! So today has been pretty painful, and I hope this is about the worst of it.

To top it off, Meredith was very needy last night. I dont know if she was not feeling well herself, she was worried about me, or what, but I could not get her to settle down! Something you should know about Meredith is that she LOVES to go to bed. If it is past her bedtime and I am still awake, she will not stop harassing me until I am in bed with the lights out. She will groan, get in my way, or whatever else she can until I am settled in bed and she can curl up on her bed. However, last night she would not go to sleep! She kept sitting near my bed, resting her head next to me, and waking me up! It was like she was keeping guard over me or something, which is very cute, but it was very annoying when all I wanted to do was sleep!!!

So let's hope for a night full of rest tonight and some relief from my painful throat issues!

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