Thursday, January 13, 2011

A very fishy tale

Look at that face. Cute, right? Well don't let her fool you!

A few days ago my Grandma let her dog Holly out for a little while and Holly came back smelling like fish. She smelled TERRIBLE! Holly is a pretty old dog and doesnt stray very far from the house, but we do live on the river so it isnt SO far fetched for one of the dogs coming back smelling a little fishy. However, Holly smelled like she took a nice long soak in a tub of flounder. Needless to say, Holly got booted out to the garage for the rest of the evening/night. After being in the garage for less than 30 minutes, she had the entire garage REEKING from her scent. She got a rinse-free shampoo bath the next day to get rid of the scent. One thing about Holly is that she has a LOT of hair and despite my Grandma's best efforts, Holly still smelled fishy and nasty. I was just glad that Meredith didn't find the fish and roll around in it...

.....until yesterday.

That's right. I came home and my Grandma told me that she had found what Holly had gotten into and it was a wrapped up piece of fish, like it belonged in someone's freezer. Odd. A little while later I let Meredith out and she came back smelling like fish! What in the world? Her doggy spray couldnt mask the odor, the rinse-free shampoo couldnt mask it, nothing works! I know this makes me sound like a really bad dog mom, and believe me I am not, but I even tried febreeze on her!!! It is THAT bad. After febreeze I finally doused her in some of my good perfume and that covered it enough to where I could stand her to sleep in my room last night, but I still smell it on her when I go to pet her or snuggle up to her and that just isnt going to fly. She even spent time out in the outside kennel today, I was hoping she would like air out or something, to no avail.

Has anyone else had to get a really smelly dog smelling fresh again? What did you do? I'm desperate!!!!

Oh, and apparently my Aunt found some frozen peas in our back yard yesterday so we think our dogs are getting into some mischief over at someone else's house. Yikes!

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