Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angela's Ashes

I just finished reading Angela's Ashes after about a month and a half of reading it. Wow. This book was depressing! I could only take this book in small doses because of how completely heart wrenching it was. In the first two chapters, three characters die! The entire memoir recounts author Frank McCourt's haunting childhood that is filled with hunger, depression, and poverty. In the memoir, McCourt recounts the hardships that his family endured during his childhood- his father's alcoholism, several deaths, sickness, and the like. It was a truly a good read, one that I was compelled to complete even after a few weeks hiatus due to grad school course work. I would definitely recommend this book to read (hello Pulitzer Prize winner!), but only if you are prepared for the sadness this memoir entails.

I am actually considering reading the sequel- 'Tis which is McCourt's account of his life once he returns to New York!

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