Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

After four days of devouring this book, one page at a time, my most recently conquered novel is Eat.Pray.Love. This book was absolutely amazing and echoed something that I have always had the romantic notion of doing, dropping everything and just traveling. Granted, Elizabeth Gilbert's traveling was more purposeful than mine would ever be.

She had three places she wanted to visit: Italy, India, and Indonesia (the three I's). In each place, she had a mission (so-to-speak) that she wished to accomplish. In Italy, she wanted to pursue pleasure- in India, she pursued devotion- and in Indonesia, she pursued the balance between the two. Throughout her journey, Liz Gilbert was also trying to get over her own battle with depression, self doubt, and loneliness all sprouting from a failed marriage and an additional failed relationship. Gilbert's trip was one of recovery, one of discovering herself, and one of finding happiness within herself again.

My only question that was sort of unresolved at the end, and I could have totally missed it, was at the beginning of her stay in Indonesia, Liz found out that she was only allowed to stay for a month, and she ended up staying her whole visit. How was this whole thing resolved?

This novel was a truly inspirational read and I cannot wait for the movie to come out this weekend to see how they translated this novel full of inner dialogue and personal thoughts into an on-screen production.

Go. Read it!

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