Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and I must say that this is one amazing book. It was absolutely compelling and I tore through it between last night and this morning. Seriously, the TV hasn't been on and I have been planted in my Grandpa's chair reading practically straight through as I devoured this story.

The story opens up with a loving portrayal of a kind, handsome doctor, David Henry, and his incredibly pregnant wife, Norah. One night, in a huge snow storm, Norah goes into labor and Dr. Henry is forced to help his wife through her delivery. What no one expected was the second child, the one born with Down's Syndrome. The Dr. Henry makes the decision to send the child to a home with his attending nurse. This decision is the pivotal point in all of the character's lives. David tells Norah that their second child was born dead. Caroline Gill decides that this home is no place for a child and disappears with the child who is assumed dead to raise her as Caroline's own. The novel revolves around this decision and the influence that quick decision had on all of their lives. This one moment, this one choice, and the incalculable amount of consequences that are a result....

This book is certainly different than the idea that I had when I began the novel. I had head of this novel when I was a senior in high school and I have been interested in reading it ever since, not really knowing the premise of the story, but knowing that it came highly recommended. I would continue that recommendation and tell anyone that it is well worth the read.

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