Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday, I went to the doctor. Now this wasn't really a FUN doctor's visit per se, (I mean really, are any of them really fun?) But I do feel hopeful afterwords because I think I might have been given the solution to solve one of my biggest problems- my weight.

Since the new year (i.e. January 1st), I have really tried to live a healthier lifestyle and place a greater emphasis on exercise. When I lived in my apartment, I would try to get to the gym several times a week and even make a little game out of it. I lost some weight, things were good. I didn't place a great emphasis on the things I was eating until later in the year.

Recently, as we all know, I have started the Couch to 5k program as a way to attain one of my goals- to run a half marathon. This idea of running a half marathon came about for several reasons; 1. to help promote my healthy lifestyle 2. for a long term goal 3. to have something to work towards. This is something that I am completely doing for ME, for once in my life. Something that I want to do and that is fueling me to keep at it. No exterior motives allowed.
I have also recently started trying to make much better health-conscious choices about what I am eating. Now I am not saying that I am a health fanatic by any means, but I am in fact trying to be healthier.

Much to my dismay, I am actually GAINING weight through this process of running and eating healthier rather than LOSING weight. What's up with that?!?

So yesterday, I went to the er... ahem... Lady Doctor. She asked me what was going on with my life, more specifically my weight, because she has noticed that I have in fact gained weight. (It always feels so good to have outside sources confirm this, no?) Several years ago, after my freshman year in college, I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). No big deal- pop some birth control and regulate things a little and all is well... Recently the symptoms of PCOS have manifested themselves more and I am now going to have to do more than just pop a few birth control. She has met set up to do some labs at the end of next week so hopefully I can get on some medicine to help this issue a little bit more.

But what I am REALLY excited about is this book she recommended for me: The Insulin Resistance Diet. I came home and read up on it yesterday and then proceeded to order it. I can't wait for it to get here tomorrow and start putting some of this stuff into practice. Maybe, just maybe, I will have some success in this area soon.

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  1. Hey Hilary!

    If you don't mind, let me know how that book works for you. I have PCOS too, and I've been looking at it, but money's a little tight with moving and all, so I've put it off for the time being, but I'd like to know how it works for you.

    Maggie L